Our Fleet


de Havilland Twin Otter

The Twin Otter is a proven twin turbo prop that has been operated all over the world. This versatile aircraft can be operated on floats/wheels/skis and can be easily converted from passenger to cargo configuration or a combination of both. Osprey Wings operates 2 Twin Otters equipped for float/ski work.

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6-27 turbines producing 620 shaft horsepower each
Seating: 14 passengers, 2 crew
Max Payload: 1800-2900 lbs
Max Range: 4.5 hrs
Cruise Speed: 150 mph
Cargo Door Size: 56" x 50"


de Havilland Single Otter (Turbine)

The Single Otter (Turbo) is the updated turbine conversion of the piston Otter. This allows increased reliability, performance, and payload. The Single Otter has been operating in the north since the 50’s. Osprey Wings has 5 Turbo Otters equipped for float/ski work.

Engines: One Pratt & Whitney PT6-34 turbine producing 750 shaft horsepower
Seating: 9 passengers, 1 crew
Max Payload: 2600lbs
Max Range: 5 hrs
Cruise Speed: 130 mph
Cargo Door Size: 46" x 45"


de Havilland Beaver

The de Havilland Beaver is one of the more iconic aircraft and proven bush plane of the north and Canadian history. Osprey Wings currently operates 2 Beavers utilizing float configuration.

Engines: Pratt & Whitney R985 radial 450 shaft horsepower
Seating: 6 passengers, 1 crew
Max Payload: 1500lbs
Max Range: 3.5 hrs
Cruise Speed: 110 mph
Cargo Door Size: Alaskan Door